Friday, September 16, 2005

the rapist

Didn't get the house i wanted. stupid assholes.

Mom's bird flew away last night. I printed up posters and stuck them in the neighbors' mail boxes. Then the damn thing showed up on the neighbor's antenna... finally got the stupid thing down. It's out there saying "pretty girl". stupid bird.

I miss boyfriend. I see him once a week if I'm lucky. I'm lonely. I wish he loved me enough to want to see me more.

Found a guy who tried to rape me (when i was 15 or 16) online. was looking for people in my highschool and there was his stupid ugly face. i hadn't thought about him in a long time but the best way to describe how i felt when i saw his picture is scared. i dont know why. i'm so far away from him now. i added him as a friend (dont know why) but i dont think he knows who i am. i havent talked to him. what the hell would i say anyway? "hi you tried to rape me in highschool, how are you?" ?????? wtf... i dont plan to talk to him.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Disappointed Again

He was supposed to come see me tonight. He always has an excuse not to. Headache this time. Doesn't matter whether or not i believe him. The outcome is the same. I'm disappointed and depressed. I think it's getting worse.

I'm going to look at a house that's one block away from bf tomorrow. I hope i get it, not just cuz it's close to him but it's close to bus stop and daycare too. And it looks like a decent little house. Will write tomorrow about it after i see the inside.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Baboo and the killer flea killer

My cat almost died about 10 minutes ago. I thought he was dying anyway, turns out he's fine. Put flea control on him and a while after he ran around the house foaming at the mouth. So mom called the vet (after hours) they said it's not poisonous.
We went shopping today. got some pajamas for $2 each. None fit me tho, they're either way too big or slightly too small. Got a webcam and a pile of new books too.
I may have a lucrative opportunity in a family member's business. I've already been doing odd jobs for it and getting paid more than I would ask of a family member but not complaining. Now I guess I'm officially the assistant.
Can't wait to move out.